Your challenges keep evolving

The rapid shifting in ICT culture and mindset from “traditional” IT systems to more agility and innovative digital platforms made cybersecurity to be more challenging. Jumping to deploy complex solutions before defining the root causes of the problem, led the organizations to make investment over investment, and yet, security managers are not able to sleep in peace at night. Our practice leaders experienced this before, so we know the pain and know what it requires to take it away. From the inception of TechArch, our mission was defining professional practices that help our customers to optimize their investments in cybersecurity by providing them independent and vendor-neutral consultations and guidance.

TechArch empowers you

We engage with client’s team in a one-on-one relationship. The variety of skills in our team enables us to understand not just the technical risks within our customers, environment, but also their business nature, its unique threats, and how a security program can best facilitates and supports the needs of the business.

Additionally, we ensure that our customers understand the principles of the services we provide, so they can continue strengthen security posture without us, through formal workshops, training, or publications.

The Cyber Daemons


Our team are seasoned experts in cybersecurity field, who bring years of skills and knowledge in industry-specific adversaries’ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. The extensive expertise in our team allows us to quickly identify security issues and develop customer-centric solutions and remediation strategies.


We leverage our wide-ranging experience in security engineering, red teaming and culture development to enable our customers to make better strategic security decisions.


Recognizing that there is no one solution fits all, we established our practices based on research-driven methodologies that make our deliverable defined but yet resilient to meet our customers’ demands.