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Culture drives users’ behavior

Most cybersecurity awareness solutions exist to deliver the basic knowledge and skills needed to secure information assets. However, what most of these solutions neglect is the effectiveness of changing the behavior of targeted users. Effective cybersecurity awareness programs should consider not only knowledge and skills, but also building the positive attitude, normative believes, and behavior toward cybersecurity.

Build on Human Infrastructure

Increasingly rapid changes in high-tech, economic, cultural and industrial spheres have radically increased the risks to information and ICT systems. In addition, it is common and well-known challenge that lacking of qualified cybersecurity staff is a major issue for all kind of organizations. Building and maintaining appropriate defense requires qualified workforce; blinking LEDs and multi-rows screens cannot stand against constant adversaries’ attempts. Organizations need to build their cybersecurity investments on top of rock-solid human infrastructure.

Our Promise

Our approach in building cybersecurity capability and culture takes the advantage of knowledge sharing and experience where all participants get the opportunity to explain their point of views. This approach has been found useful in increasing the culture and capabilities level by the use of knowledge, attention, attitude, social norms, motivation and behavioral strategies. This approach uses social norms and interaction that influence individual’s understanding of cybersecurity concepts, intention, importance, and practices.

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