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Attack surface is approaching infinity

Penetration testing is a proactive and approved attempt to assess the security of an Information Technology infrastructure (asset-focused test) by out of harm's way attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including OS, services and applications weaknesses, improper configurations, and even risky end-user manners. Cybercriminals will scour your organization for vulnerabilities that can lead to compromise your sensitive systems and data. To stay secure and confident, you need to find and resolve these issues first.

Daemonize it on your choice

Adversaries are results oriented; they do not care of how much percentage of your IT budget you spent on cybersecurity. They will try to get in from somewhere. Somewhere with a flaw that has not been detected or patched yet. The goal of performing penetration testing is to play a proactive approach by daemonizing the technologies you have before malicious attackers do it for you (i.e. controlled vs. uncontrolled chaos). Act proactively by understanding the full impact of a potential exploitation of security vulnerabilities on targeted assets and evaluate how effective your security controls work to protect most critical assets. At TechArch, we have industry-leading, well-defined, and efficient procedures and methodologies to research and identify such vulnerabilities.

Our Promise

Penetration testing is our core competency from day one. Through years of practicing and delivering high-level engagements, our team continuously researching and blending cutting-edge adversaries’ techniques into standard penetration testing practices. The harmonized blend in our team makes our service-engagement a full-spectrum of experience, and this is what you get the most of hiring us!.

Our key skills in penetration testing:

  • Application Stack
    • Web applications – authenticated vs. unauthenticated, and business-logic verifications
    • Mobile Applications – native and hybrid
    • Web Services and traffic analysis
    • Desktop Applications – thin and thick software
  • Network Stack
    • Network architecture and configurations testing
    • Wireless, Bluetooth, and RF security testing
    • Host and systems penetration testing
    • Embedded and appliances security testing
  • Simulated Attack Testing
    • Objective-based simulation – data exfiltration, facilities infiltration, malicious code implant, spear phishing, and social engineering
    • Tabletop exercise – scenario based assessment for planning, processes, and capability

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