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Manage your cyber risks by eliminating vulnerabilities

A vulnerability is defined as a weakness in digital assets that can be exploited by a threat-actors with malicious intent. Whenever there is a likelihood of a threat-actor that can exploits existing vulnerability to compromise an asset, then a risk with definitive impact to your business is introduced. Adopting mature Vulnerability Management practices helps organization to manage cyber risks and act upon them proactively.

TechArch uses a technology to gain a comprehensive view of your environment’s vulnerability status, while leveraging a set of processes and services to address the risk associated with the various stages of the vulnerability lifecycle. The Vulnerability Management Services helps to reduce the risk of compromise by a malicious entity. Current technology and good practices shall be used to help protect systems and valuable data from unauthorized access, loss, and corruption.

Go beyond just scanning

What happens after scanning? Our vulnerability management service improves your coverage and expand your capabilities and together we can go beyond just lunching scanners. Effective VM program requires defining key risk areas, fine tuning scanning resources, analyze scan results along with defined business-context, customize reporting with clear visibility for both management and technical teams, and prioritized remediation efforts.

Our Promise

Since penetration testing and vulnerability assessment are our core competencies from inception of the company, we recognize how effective vulnerability management practices should be. Our defined methodology and approaches in vulnerability management provides you with:

    • End-to-end assets and vulnerability discovery, planning with experts, and remediation orchestration among your people, processes, and technologies.
    • Discover services (applications), hosts, and vulnerabilities of the managed infrastructure.
    • Recurring network discovery - new systems and services can be detected as they come online, thereby detecting unauthorized systems placed onto your environments.
    • Continuous visibility into vulnerabilities posture of your network, devices, servers, web applications, databases, or other assets; regardless of assets location either on-premises or cloud-hosted.
    • Prioritized remediation steps and plans based on your business requirements and context.
    • Satisfy NCA’s regulatory controls and compliance obligations around vulnerability management domain.

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