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Insecure configuration is a real problem

to ensure optimal setups and security configurations. Reviewing the security configuration of core components such as firewall, routers, switches, wireless controllers, access points, hosts and servers is performed against a predefined configuration setup which comply with industry standards (such as NCA, SAMA, CIS Benchmark, PCI DSS, and STIGs). The objective is to identify vulnerabilities due insecure settings and missing patches, open ports, weak configurations, vulnerable rules, etc. Even a unknown attacks could have less of a chance resulting in catastrophic impact in a securely configured infrastructure.

Close the gaps by utilizing what you have

The goal of this assessment is to protect core components in your infrastructure against sophisticated, targeted long-term attacks where hackers gain access to privileged systems and data by optimizing what you already have. Conducting security configurations assessment will help your organization to optimize current investment, facilitate operational and administration activities and realizing other benefits such as:

    • Ensures consistent level of security across various levels of technology stack.
    • Proactively identifies the security risks and overall vulnerabilities.
    • Ensures proper device configurations adhering to standard architectures.
    • Ensuring baseline security policies implementations which do not permit insecure or unauthorized services to enter the network.
    • Meet regulatory and standard requirements and sustain compliance status.

Our Promise

The harmonized blend in our team experience in engineering, operations, and management makes our service-engagement a full-spectrum of experience, and this is what you get the most of hiring us! Our key skillsets cover following categories of technical assets:

    • Network and Security Devices.
    • Windows and Linux Servers and Workstations.
    • LDAP/Active Directory, and MS Exchange.

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