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Dedicated resources to meet your consistency needs

There are technologies and operations activities that are key components in any cybersecurity program, regardless on the size or nature of the business model. Most technologies that play roles in cybersecurity neither are Plug-and-Play nor One-time-Job. Maintaining the security posture of recruited technologies require dedication from available resources. The same thing applies on security operations where they require continuity and consistency on operating processes. On the other hand, volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks is continuously increasing which makes it more difficult for organizations to successfully defend from such attacks. Also, the rapid shifting in the market toward recruiting cyber-talents increased the gap between supply and demand of cybersecurity specialists. As a result, organizations started to farm out their technology maintenance and security operations activities to so called Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) as an extension to their internal security program. In such concept TechArch provides dedicated services and resources to their customers, from initial service setup and configuration to the full operational monitoring and maintenance.