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Maintaining security requires consistency

Attackers seek to target vulnerable web-based sites and applications because of its direct and negative impact on your tangible and intangible assets. Most of web-based vulnerabilities appear due to human-born errors such as flaws in written code, using neither verified nor tested libraries, or misconfiguring well-documented settings. In addition, the lake of integration of security requirements within development lifecycle, make the process become more costly on budget and efforts. In addition, keeping track of all sites (assets) your organization publish on Internet, where they are located, their purposes, and responsible owner is a challenging activity. To sum it up, if something can go wrong, and you do not know where it could occur, eventually it will. No amount of technologies can prevent human error.

Hand by hand, you get peace-of-mind

In Delta Risk Assessment (DSA), we start by profiling your presence on Internet (e.g. published websites, web applications, mobile applications, web services, systems, etc.) Then, collaborating with your team to develop a risk-focused profile based on your security pressure posture, sites’ value to the business, integration points, and industry-threat actors. The results of such analysis will identify your optimized investment on security practices and controls against external attackers. Then, our team starts to perform periodically (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually) penetration testing on published sites, based on defined risk profile. This consistent approach of assessment enables you to have continues over-time updates (i.e. Delta variance) on your risk posture linked with your team efforts and articulated by simulated attacks, and designed to match your business context.

DSA performed on a production safe mode, which ensures that you know the risk of your web-published sites regardless of how frequently your development team are pushing changes. At the end of each cycle, we engage with your teams to explain the potential impact of identified risks on profiled sites, and make sure they are empowered with attacker-mindset knowledge.

Our Promise

DSA is an annual subscription-based program to cover Internet-published sites that need attacker-alike awaken eyes. Our team of assessors start where vulnerability scanners stop. Every vulnerability discovered is manually verified for accuracy, virtually eliminating false positives, and radically simplifying and customizing remediation plans. No matter how much codebase or how many sites you published, or how often they change, our efficient approach can scale to meet the demand of your agile business.

Service Coverage

  • Internet-facing assets
    • Websites
    • Web applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Web services
    • Web servers
    • Email services

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