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Interconnected and complex architecture should be secured!

The security architecture is the most important part to having a resilient infrastructure. The desired outcome is to develop high-level security solutions for each defense layer of your network and determine the gaps and design more secure architecture. Security architecture review of various zones (e.g. DMZ, LAN and WAN) would be carried out with respect to below listed security objectives:

    • Segregation of assets based on risk level.
    • Secure assets from internal and external threats.
    • Redundancy for critical components to ensure high availability and resiliency.
    • Effective Security Monitoring.
    • Safeguard against malware infection.
    • Secure remote connectivity.
    • Secure data transmission.
    • Collection & analysis of critical logs.
    • Secure Internet Browsing.

Optimize your investment on current architecture

Conducting security architecture assessment will help your organization to optimize current investment, facilitate operational and administration activities and realizing other benefits such as:

    • Ensures consistent level of security across various network tiers and elements.
    • Proactively identifies the security risks and overall vulnerabilities.
    • Ensures proper device configurations adhering to standard architectures.
    • Ensuring baseline security policies implementations which do not permit insecure or unauthorized services to enter the network.
    • Meet regulatory and standard requirements and sustain compliance status.

Our Promise

The goal of the network design analysis is to assess if the design of the network provides optimal defense in-depth, meets business needs, and optimizing current investments. To achieve this goal the following tasks will be performed:

    • Adversarial review of the design.
    • Design analysis with best practices for security, performance, operational efficiency.
    • Recommendations with a new secure design, if needed.
    • Design of upgraded network architecture to address future requirements.
    • Provide remediation plan to enhance network architecture and performance.

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