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Operational demands well keep going up

Managing network and security devices that are spanning cyberspace (networks, data center, applications, user devices and clouds) requires intensive resource with elevated level of expertise to prevent cyber-attacks attempts and, at the same time, safeguard current investments, maintain business resiliency, and maintain compliance with related regulations and standards. By utilizing Managed Security Devices, such as TechArch, organizations can extend their security operational administration and bridge the gaps in people, processes, and technologies.

Solve the challenge and let your investments pay-off

The goal of collaborating with Managed Security Devices providers is to optimize the performance, consistency, and security-defense effectiveness by configuring, tuning, updating, and monitoring deployed devices whether deployed on premise or over cloud environments. At TechArch, we can help you to squeeze every penny that your put in security-related technologies.

Our Promise

TechArch’s Managed Security Device services offer you wide-ranging answers to your operational questions that includes design, implementation, and end-to-end security operations and monitoring support. The harmonized blend in our team experience in engineering, operations, and management makes our service-engagement a full-spectrum of experience, and this is what you get the most of hiring us!:

  • Our technology coverage:
    • Firewall
    • NGFW
    • WAF
    • Mail Security Gateway
    • Qualified resources lead by multi-domain expertise.
    • Scalable process with high availability infrastructure.
    • Highly secure access controls - Virtual Private Network (Site-to-Site VPNs & Client-to-Site VPNs) and encryption technologies.
    • Controlled access to managed devices with multi-level authorization workflows and session recording.
    • Auditability infrastructure that meets regulations requirements.
    • Secure configurations, health-checks, continues tuning, and privileged-user monitoring.
    • Service-level defined engagements that meets the criticality of managed devices.

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